ILEA held Course on Human Trafficking

As part of the International Law Enforcement Academy's (ILEA) support to the region, the Human Trafficking course led by staff of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), came to a close this morning.

Thirty-five law enforcement officers from Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay and El Salvador were the direct beneficiaries of this important training.

The course focused on expanding officers' capacities in monitoring and combating human trafficking, and included new policy and legislative guidelines on human trafficking, victim identification techniques, as well as best working practices to achieve a just conviction for traffickers.

ILEA Director San Salvador, Commissioner Darwin Arévalo Magaña, said that, according to reports, "human trafficking is a criminal activity that moves billions of dollars, creating modern-day slavery. Victims are captured and transported from one country to another and from one region to another through deception and coercion. They are deprived of their autonomy, freedom of movement and choice, and are subjected to different forms of physical and psychological abuse.

ILEA San Salvador seeks to provide law enforcement with quality training on issues affecting security worldwide in an effective manner, providing them with the tools and knowledge to successfully prosecute offenders.