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Prosecutor Dr. Maria Teresa Martinez Acosta (Paraguay).

Prosecutor Dr. Maria Teresa Martinez Acosta (Paraguay).

Graduate of ILEA Trafficking in Persons Course - Lima, Peru, 2006.

Operation Toblerone:  This was a trafficking in persons case involving social media contacts for jobs for young women to work as nurses and caregivers  to travel from Paraguay to jobs in Europe.  The victims (approx. 12) were told they could work in Europe, they were saddled with bogus debt then forced into circumstances of sex slavery.  A Paraguayan crime family was behind the ring.  In all 10 persons were arrested, with 3 remaining fugitives.  Ms. Martinez has been honored by the Spanish Government and by Pope Francisco at the Vatican.

The elect President of Paraguay Mario Abdo Benítez confirmed that the prosecutor Teresa Martínez will be part of his Government Cabinet since August 2018, serving as Minister of the National Childhood and Adolescence Secretariat.