ILEA completed a Kidnapping Investigations Course

The International Law Enforcement Academy, ILEA San Salvador, completed a significant course denominated Kidnapping Investigations, imparted by prominent law enforcement agents from Policía Nacional de Colombia.

Thirty-five law enforcement agents from Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, and El Salvador were benefited from this important experience. The course covered topics as new investigative techniques resulting from the analysis of different criminal behaviour patterns of renowned criminals involved in kidnapping crimes at a regional level.

During this intensive study course, the participants learned about elaborating criminal profiles to contribute to the resolution of cases that they work on an everyday basis, and about the analysis of physical and psychological pieces of evidence found at the crime scene. The course lasted one week, and by the end, the participants had the opportunity to present a course analysis and their conclusions.

The ILEA authorities are gratified with the institution’s courses proffered to the law enforcement agents of the region and encourage the participants to share the knowledge acquired in their professional contexts.