ILEA San Salvador completed a course on Human Rights.

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA San Salvador) completed a course on Human Rights, benefiting twenty-five law enforcement agents from Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador, all thanks to the collaboration of the law enforcement professionals from the National Academy of Public Security (ANSP).

The event lasted five days, and its main objective was the introduction of the participants to the historical, philosophical and legal background, with an emphasis in the area of international legislation of Human Rights, and the description and explanation of the historical development of Human Rights within the Salvadoran legal system. Now the participants will be able to defend the Human Rights of civil society in general.

All this interinstitutional effort is developed for the law enforcers of the region, to know about the fundamentals of Human Rights, for them to be able to address the difficulties of the current social models, and to identify their countries current situation, issues and challenges about this matter on the subject. 

The participants were pleased about becoming part of the ILEA San Salvador family and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity.