ILEA San Salvador holds first cinema forum for young students

June 05 2018 09:00
Events Hall & Classrooms

As part of its schoolchildren visits program, the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA San Salvador) held its first film forum, with the presentation of the film "Malacrianza” [spoiled], by Salvadoran film director Arturo Menéndez who has led major projects including the short film Cinema Libertad [Freedom Cinema], in 2009.

Malacrianza is the first internationally distributed feature film and tells the story of a pinata seller who gets entangled in an extortion money collection deal apparently perpetrated by gang members of the area. This is a story that is lived daily in El Salvador, following the levels of crime that affect the Central American country.

Students of the San Jose Catholic Educational Complex, of Quezaltepeque, enjoyed the film and had the opportunity to interact with the filmmaker, who told about his experience making the movie and how difficult it was to shoot with scarce economic resources--which was the main obstacle. The filmmaker also encouraged the youngsters to pursue their dreams and told them that, in spite of the adversities, they can achieve anything if they set their minds to it.

The schoolchildren also received advice on self-improvement and constantly striving to be better members of society, by ILEA participants who attended a course on Hate Crimes. In this manner, ILEA San Salvador seeks to stimulate the Salvadoran youth and to persuade them that there is a better tomorrow for everyone and that they alone are the architects of their own future.