ILEA San Salvador Hosts Provides Training on Human Rights and Personal and Facility Safety

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA San Salvador), concluded two important courses. One on Human Rights was led by subject-matter experts from the El Salvador National Public Security Academy (ANSP). The other on Personal and Facility Safety was provided by the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service (DSS)

In the two courses, specialists trained over 60 law enforcement officers from Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Suriname and El Salvador.

The Human Rights course prepared the participants with historical, philosophical and legal context of human rights, with an emphasis on International Law, describing and explaining historical development of the Fundamental Rights within the Salvadoran legal system. This spanned a week.

The course on Personal and Facility Safety was designed to prepare mid-range law enforcement officers in charge of security measures for staff and facilities against terrorist threats. Participants were taught tested techniques, including: Advanced planning, walking formations, and caravan operations. A physical safety expert demonstrated protecting infrastructures, concepts in technical and physical safety, and risk management to address threats to Internet facilities, structures and technology.

ILEA is mindful of the help that this kind of training will bring the region, with officers who are able to react to any hazardous situation, and respect citizens' human rights in any procedure that warrants it, while performing their duties.