ILEA San Salvador participated in the third Nation-wide Drill

November 07 2018 10:00
ILEA Compound

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA San Salvador) participated in the national evacuation and first aid drill, which took place this day in all institutions of the country.

The objective of evacuating, in a timely manner, 83 persons, including administrative personnel and officials from different countries, who are currently receiving the course on Wildlife Border Inspection, was successfully achieved. According to the ILEA emergency committee, the estimated time of the activity was 2 minutes and 20.6 seconds.

This type of practice is considered extremely important for people's safety, since we live in a country where seismic activity is frequent and the risk of suffering an earthquake or other type of disaster is quite high. During the exercise, the importance of identifying safe areas within the complex was also discussed, as well as the steps to follow during a disaster.