ILEA San Salvador trained Judges on law application with a gender perspective

The International Law Enforcement Academy, ILEA San Salvador, developed a course on law application with a gender perspective, the course was imparted by the International Office for Fiscal Development of the United States of America (OPDAT); twenty-eight law applicators from Honduras, Mexico, Peru, and El Salvador attended the course.

This training lasted one week, a theoretical framework and practical classes were developed focused on providing Judges with the necessary tools to develop a gender analysis during the trial, with clear reasoning.

Among the topics discussed were: Biases in trails, the role of the judge in the accusatory system, protocols for criminal prosecution in cases of violence against women, international instruments and processes of trial and legal opinion writing with a gender perspective, among others. 

The main objective is for the proceedings to be grounded on the appropriate legal basis and principles for the presentation of facts and evidence to justice and rule of law prevail, complying with the constitutional mandate of equality and non-discrimination.

The use of a gender perspective in law application has a legal basis; it should not be optional. States must work to eliminate gender stereotypes in all respects.

For that reason, ILEA San Salvador has endeavoured to provide training with a transformative gender perspective for justice providers that can generate a change in paradigms following international human rights standards.