ILEA successfully held course on Public Corruption

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA San Salvador) hosted the course on Public Corruption and Ethics in Law Enforcement, which was organized by the International Cooperation Agency of Chile. In addition, we were honored by the presence of the Ambassador of Chile, Mr. Renato Sepúlveda Nebel, and the President of the Government Ethics Tribunal of El Salvador, Dr. José Néstor Castaneda.

Thirty-five law enforcement officials from Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Paraguay, Peru and El Salvador were the main beneficiaries of this seminal training on corruption and its consequences.

The 2017 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report on public corruption notes that losses from corruption translate into a failure to develop for those populations most at risk of falling behind.  Moreover, corruption not only diverts resources from development, but also corrodes the trust citizens have in government institutions, it undermines the rule of law, affecting systems of checks and balances, and has an impact on the levels of violence and insecurity in the region.

Among the topics that stood out in the training conducted by the delegation of Chilean experts were the following: international conventions against corruption; identification of serious corruption crimes; criminal prosecution system, techniques and procedures for investigating cases of corruption, financial investigation and analysis, Financial Analysis Unit and internal corruption prevention, international cooperation and extradition, basic notes on asset recovery, case studies and review of practical cases.

ILEA San Salvador continues to support training to counteract this type of crime, through courses for law enforcement, where the primary objective is to prosecute people who commit this type of crime.