ILEA trained in Homicides Investigations

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA San Salvador), in a joint effort for the first time with experts from the Denver Police Department of the United States of America (DPD), wrapped up the course  on "Homicide Investigation". 

The training focused on in-person classes,   topics included: crime scene management, behavior analysis, murderers’ profiles and psychology, interviews and interrogations, investigation issues, witness testimony, cases presentation and practical applications involving death mechanisms, post-mortem changes and identification. The participants also held conferences, laboratory work, discussions and presentations of the work accomplished throughout the week.

Twenty-eight law enforcement officers from Barbados, Costas Rica, Grenada, Suriname, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Paraguay, Uruguay and El Salvador participated, who make up the security forces in their respective countries.

"An effective criminal justice system is a prerequisite to enforce   the rule of law in each of our countries   thus achieving the long-awaited justice for homicide victims," concluded Commissioner Darwin Arevalo,   ILEA's director for the Government of El Salvador.

In addition, he urged law enforcement officers to maintain networks of camaraderie and keep in touch with the institution, through different communication channels, to share their success stories in the   performance of their functions.