ILEA trained protection detail

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA San Salvador) closed the course on Protective Detail Instruction, thanks to the support of experts from the United States Secret Service (USSS).

40 officers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and El Salvador benefited from this important training and were motivated to become better elements in their respective areas of work, with more and better techniques for their performance.

The course was designed to instruct participants in basic protection procedures, including techniques used to provide security for dignitaries and VIPs of their governments.

The security training for the leaders took place inside the ILEA San Salvador facilities, as well as training in the handling and reaction in areas such as emergency medicine, motorized escorts, on-site advancement, movement of protective formations, explosions and fires.

With this course, it is expected that in the future the trained officers, who belong to elite groups, will be able to implement the knowledge acquired here in the place where they perform their duties more effectively.

The law enforcement officers thanked the governments of El Salvador and the United States of America for taking them into account in such important training. They also expressed their satisfaction with the knowledge acquired and for the professional and brotherly ties that were established between them.