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Paraguay Success Story

Dr. René Fernández Bobadilla

Dr. René Fernández Bobadilla

He attended the Public Corruption Investigations and Law Enforcement Ethics Course at ILEA San Salvador in September 2018.

Two Paraguayan ILEA Alumni lead Investigations resulted in the seizure of $100 million. In May 2019 Paraguayan ILEA Alumni Dr. René Milciades Fernández Bobadilla and Liliana Alcaraz Recalde were the lead prosecutors in charge of the Paraguayan side of a money laundering case, where they seized approximately $100 million and made five arrests. The seizure was part of a larger public corruption investigation which included Brazil called “Operation Car Wash” or “Lavajato.”

Fernandez and Alcaraz attended several courses provided by the ILEA family.  Fernandez, who was appointed as Minister-Secretary of the Anti-Corruption National Secretary in Paraguay, attended two ILEA courses, Public Corruption Investigations and Law Enforcement Ethics at ILEA San Salvador in September 2018 and the Academic Criminal Justice Seminar at ILEA Roswell in November 2014. Alcaraz attended the International Financial Enforcement Strategies Symposium on Organized Crime at ILEA Roswell in July 2018.

According to Dr. Fernandez, the training he attended has had “excellent results, as it was highlighted in mention of the seizure of approximately $100 million” in the Lavajato case.  He expressed that through the training he received from the ILEA San Salvador, it “helped [him] delve deeper into the criminal cases [he] oversaw as a Criminal Prosecutor; especially regarding the formation and overarching communication of the joint interagency investigative teams.” Dr. Fernandez also noted that, using the ILEA training, helped him to successfully prosecute and imprison another transnational network that utilized 12 corrupt officials, who took bribes from smugglers.